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Spray Labs focuses on making the highest quality oral spray supplements in the world. We do this by paying attention to two fundamental things: a supplement should get into your system quickly and effectively, and it should be comprised of the highest quality, pure ingredients. Based in the US, Spray Labs manufactures spray nutritional supplements under the watchful eye of our founder, Dr. Clive Spray, a chemist and plant biologist who has devoted the past 20 years to spray nutrition technology (and yes, that’s his real name—destiny we suppose).



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All products priced at $19.95, with the exception of Vitamin d3-k2 priced at $22.95.

  1. CALMAG SPRAY 1.    buy now  
  2. ECHINACES + 2.    buy now
  3. E+SELENIUM 3     buy now
  4.FOLATE PLUS 4.    buy now
  5. TRACE MINERALS 5.    buy now
  6.IRON BOOST 6.    buy now
  7. META BOOST 7.    buy now
  8. MULTIPLE VITAMINS 8.    buy now
  9. SLEEP (SOMINA) 9.    buy now
10. VITAMIN B12 10.  buy now
11. VITAMIN C+ZINC 11.  buy now 
12. VITAMIN D3 12.  buy now
13. VITAMIN D3-K2 13.  buy now 

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